Duration: 2 days a week for 14 weeks
Cost: £4200

This course is for new entrants or people wanting to upgrade their current skills and enables you to work in domestic properties.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • – Use of Basic hand tools
  • – Installing and terminating twin and earth cable
  • – Understanding and installing standard circuits for Lighting, Power & Cookers 
  • – Connecting of bonding to gas and water services
  • – How consumer units work and connection to them
  • – Correct Selection of equipment and Special locations
  • – Power Calculations
  • – Calculating maximum demand and applying diversity for a domestic installation
  • – Correct selection of cable sizes
  • – Compliance with the Building Regulations
  • – Earthing Systems
  • – Circuit Protection
  • – Safe Isolation (Single Phase)
  • – Fundamentals of inspection and testing
  • – How to use and apply the Wiring Regulations (BS7671)
  • – Wiring lighting and power circuits
  • – Inspect & test
  • – Own certificate for the work you do
  • – Landlord certificates

18th Edition update course (Existing Engineers) no books included

Duration: 1
Cost: £210

This course will cover the changes introduced by the 18th Edition

The course will cover the following topics:

  • – Main protective bonding
  • – Rule changes to the on disconnection times and RCD protection for socket outlets
  • – Reintroduction of Isolation and Switching
  • – Update on surge protection, and a new lightning protection zone concept.
  • – Energy efficiency, and updates

18th Edition course (New Entrants)

Duration: 3
Cost: £400

1 Resit: FREE
Further Resits: £75

This course will enables you are up to date with the latest industry regulations on wiring and the safe use and operation of electrical equipment and systems.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • – Scope, object and fundamental principles
  • – Definitions
  • – Assessment of general characteristics
  • – Protection for safety
  • – Selection and erection of equipment
  • – Inspection and testing
  • – Special installations or locations
  • – Appendices

Electric Vehicle charging course

Duration: 3 days
Cost: £395

This course package is for domestic installers.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • – Requirements for electric vehicle charging equipment
  • – Advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicle charging arrangements and equipment
  • – Design and installation
  • – How to install electric vehicle charging equipment for domestic locations
  • – Inspection, testing, commissioning and handover of electric vehicle charging equipment

PAT Testing course

Duration: 2 days
Cost: £295

This course for electricians undertaking practical inspection and testing of electrical equipment

The course will cover the following topics:

  • – Electrical safety regulations
  • – Responsibilities
  • – Insulation and earthing
  • – Classification of appliances
  • – Preliminary inspection and precautions
  • – Testing appliances using a portable tester
  • – Essential and labelling tests
  • – Reporting and recording results
  • – Implementing a test programme

Inspection and Testing course

Duration: 5 days
Cost: £850

This course is for experienced electricians who require some update of training

The course will cover the following topics:

  • – Safe isolation of electrical circuits and installations
  • – Verification of electrical installations
  • – Completing the inspection of electrical installations
  • – Safe testing and commissioning of electrical installations
  • – Testing before circuits and installations are energised
  • – Completion of electrical installation certificates and documentation
  • – Safety of systems and equipment prior to completion of inspection and testing & commissioning
  • – Inspection of electrical installations
  • – Inspecting, testing and recording the condition of electrical installations
  • – Completing periodic inspection of electrical installations
  • – Periodic inspections and initial verifications
  • – Interpret test results
  • – Produce a condition report with recording observations and classifications

Heating Control Wiring course

Duration: 1 day
Cost: £210

This course is for wiring and fault finding heating controls

The course will cover the following topics:

  • – S-plan
  • – Y-Plan
  • – S-plan plus
  • – Frost stats
  • – Programmers
  • – Cylinder stats
  • – Wiring  live
  • – Smart stats

All our trainers have been qualified / certified


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    Duration: 6 Weeks

    NVQ Electrical training is delivered in small groups at an Options Skills, fully equipped training centre. It will take 30 days on either a full or part-time bases. The NVQ Level 3 course will combine practical training and essential theory and assessments will take place throughout.

    You will be required to pass an assessment and demonstrate understanding, skills and competence. This takes place through a series of Knowledge Units, i.e. exams that take place at the training centre and Performance Units that are undertaken in the workplace during Stage 2.

    You will be registered with JIB/ECS (Electrotechnical Certification Scheme) as an Electrical Trainee. Receiving a JIB/ECS Card, you’ll be able to seek employment as a trainee and earn while training for your NVQ.

    Duration: 1 – 3 years

    The second stage of NVQ electrical training is portfolio building.

    Your JIB/ECS Card is your passport to work in the Industry whether you seek employment with an employer or agency, allowing you to collect evidence towards your NVQ Performance Units. (Performance units must be completed while in the workplace. This is a combination of practical work, evidence building for your portfolio and direct observation from an NVQ assessor).

    Whilst working in the industry and building your portfolio, you will continue working on your knowledge, completing them in your own time and returning to the centre for assessments.

    You will have access to an online Virtual Learning Environment, and your tutor and the electrical training team to help you to complete these tasks. Regular ‘drop-in’ sessions, email and Skype support are also available.

    The amount of time taken to complete stage two isn’t set by Options Skills but is entirely down to the student.

    Duration: 3 days

    Following completion of your NVQ electrical training, Optional Skills will refer you to undertake your AM2 (Achievement Measurement Test)

    This is an independent assessment of your skills and knowledge which all trainees must undertake before they can gain Installation Electrician status (Gold Card) with JIB/ECS.

    The assessment is undertaken by independent AM2 Centre.

    Once all three steps of your training and assessment processor complete, you’ll be able to apply to JIB/ECS for your ‘Gold Card’. You’ll be awarded the status of ‘Installation Electrician’.

    ‘Gold Cards’ are renewable every 3 years.